Healthy food delivery in Fukuoka

Order healthy food now in the best restaurants in Fukuoka

Healthy food delivery in Fukuoka means lots of farm-fresh ingredients. Local chefs take advantage of the nationally-renowned farmland, maximizing the nutritional value of their dishes. As a result, the healthy food in Fukuoka takes many forms across international cuisines. Here are some nutritious options to experience the healthiest Fukuoka food.

Locally Sourced Healthy Food Delivery in Fukuoka

The rich soil and mild climate in Kyushu make Fukuoka one of the best places to eat local, organic food. Fukuoka's most famous crops come out of a bountiful summer harvest. Amou strawberries and Hakata oranges may be the most famous, but the rice and vegetables are top-tier. Many of Fukuoka's vegetarian-friendly cafes serve only locally grown, organic produce. The constantly changing menus use only the freshest crops available. For a healthy lunch, try an Organic Seasonal Bento Box. The chefs will make sides showcasing the best local farms, often including many raw vegetable dishes. It's a perfect way to eat healthily and experience the best Fukuoka has to offer.

Healthy Hot Pot

Nabemono is a type of Japanese cuisine cooked in one pot. Most nabemono uses a flavorful broth, meat, and assorted vegetables, making the dish a healthy, balanced meal. Fukuoka's specialty nabemono, Motsunabe (Offal Hot Pot), offers an unconventional healthy dish to satisfy the hungriest diners. The main ingredient, offal, is super nutritious, packed with vitamins and low-fat protein. Served with cabbage, bean sprouts, and tofu, Motsunabe makes a substantial, healthy meal. For non-beef eaters, another local hot pot dish, Mizutaki, uses a similar vegetable variety with chicken instead of offal. The ponzu dipping sauce also adds a citrusy kick to each bite. Both meals taste amazing and will strengthen you for even the coldest winter.

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