French food delivery in Sapporo

Fancy some French food in Sapporo? Check the best restaurants near you!

You don't need a special occasion to order French food delivery in Sapporo. While some international cuisines may seem hard to find in Japan, like Mexican food, French food is extremely common. Many chefs in Japan train in France before opening their own restaurant back home. It's true for Tokyo and for Sapporo. French chefs in Sapporo heavily rely on the seasonal ingredients to design their course meals. With every meal, the true taste of the season shines in the French food in Sapporo.

Highlighting Local Resources with French Food Delivery in Sapporo

Esteemed French restaurants rarely have a set menu. Instead, the food changes along with the market, meaning Sapporo's French restaurants change drastically year-round. A staple of French cuisine that stays in season almost year-round in Hokkaido is seafood. One way to enjoy French seafood with Hokkaido fish is lobster bouillabaisse. The fresh lobster cooks in a fish stock with potatoes, garlic, and wine to create a wonderfully layered dish. Most French restaurants also include a fish of the day with the lobster to enhance the dish. Another fish dish to try in Sapporo is skate in a brown butter sauce. Keeping the butter hot, chefs continuously baste the skate until the rich, buttery flavor brings out the maximum umami taste of the fish.

French Style, Hokkaido Specialty

Rather than making a French dish using the appropriate local ingredients, some chefs completely change up their recipes. Still using local ingredients, these chefs cook dishes only with a french style. Traditionally made with chestnuts and cream, a mont blanc is a distinctly French dessert. The Hokkaido specialty mont blanc features lily bulb and purple sweet potato as the base, drastically changing the flavor profile. Lily bulb also features heavily in mousses and appetizer platters. The greater the creativity of the French chef, the more Sapporo the dish will feel.

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