French food delivery in Osaka

The crème of the French cuisine in Osaka in one click

French food delivery in Osaka offers meal options at any time of day. Savory or sweet crepes make a light yet filling breakfast while tender meat dishes can come in a sandwich for lunch or course meal for dinner. In Osaka, the number of diverse and tasty restaurants means more chances to find the perfect answer to your craving. Here are some suggestions for the next time you order French food in Osaka.

Japanese French Inspired Creations

French food continues to make a large impact on Japanese cuisine even today. Japan is home to one of the highest concentrations of French-trained chefs in the world. The cultural fusion led to many unique French-inspired dishes found around the country. Originally from Yokohama, Doria is one of the most widely accessible French foods in Japan. The casserole-like dish has a rice base covered in a creamy bechamel sauce. Topped with bread crumbs and cheese, doria is then baked and browned giving it a distinct gratin appearance. Popular fillings include shrimp, chicken, and mushrooms to complement the mild, creamy flavor of the sauce. It's a comforting and delicious dish that represents the best of Japanese French inventions.

Sweet French Food Delivery in Osaka

Aside from complex gourmet cuisine, French food famously includes excellent desserts. These desserts range from picture-perfect pastries to unthinkably decadent cakes and souffle. A famous French creation, the Crepe, forms the base for one of Japan's most iconic handheld snacks. However, for something truly indulgent and divine, try mille-feuille. The delicious puff pastry alternates layers with cream and custard combining unique textures and flavors in each bite. Traditionally, the treat is topped with powdered sugar and a light chocolate drizzle. Modern versions with strawberry slices in sandwiched layers add a delightful tart sweetness to the pastry.

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