French restaurants in Hiroshima

Discover the French cuisine in Hiroshima

There’s no need to hop on a plane to Paris in order to enjoy French fine dining because now you can get French food delivery in Hiroshima. Some staple foods in French cuisine are bread, butter, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. In Hiroshima, you can get all of this and much more with the vibrant agriculture that surrounds the city. Hiroshima is famous for the citrus fruits that it produces, many of which are used as garnishes on several cuisines, French included. The French food in Hiroshima certainly won’t disappoint you with its refined flavors akin to authentic French cuisine.

Delicious Gratin for French Food Delivery in Hiroshima

Gratin is a French culinary technique that includes an ingredient that is topped with a delicious golden-brown crust. This is usually accomplished using breadcrumbs, grated cheese, egg, or butter. You won’t believe the number of gratin options available for delivery in Hiroshima. Because of the popularity of rice in Japan, Rice Gratin is highly sought after. You can enjoy flavors like Osuka Rice Gratin, which is buttered rice with fresh, fluffy shrimp and a mini onion salad. Also try the Versailles Rice Gratin, with butter rice, ham, and mushrooms. For some spice and a mix of French and Japanese cuisines, try out the Spicy Curry Rice Gratin, which includes spicy homemade curry with a delicious gratin layer coating the top.

Finest French Beef Cuts

In France, beef is an incredibly common addition to many entrees. Hiroshima is the perfect place to explore all of the beef delights because you can enjoy the coveted Wagyu steak here. Hiroshima is home to one of four breeds of wagyu cattle, with this one, in particular, is known as the Japanese black. Enjoy your next plate of Côte de boeuf (ribeye with bone) or Bavette d’aloyau (skirt steak) knowing that you’ll be eating some of the most luxurious steaks in the world. If you’re looking for more meat dishes to satisfy you, check out the Turkish and Chinese food delivery in Hiroshima.

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