French food delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best French restaurants in Fukuoka

How should you treat yourself when ordering French food delivery in Fukuoka? Of the many Western cuisines available in the city, French food offers the most luxurious dishes. Will you create your own course meal at home? Or is the craving limited to a sinfully delicious dessert? No matter what you decide, the French food in Fukuoka will make you feel like royalty.

Rich French Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Fukuoka cooking doesn't shy away from fat. From the famous Hakata Ramen to Saba Sashimi, Fukuoka chefs know fat means more flavor. In French cooking, this translates to confit. Confit traditionally serves as a preserving method for duck and goose meat. In Fukuoka, it makes a gourmet chicken confit dinner. Chicken thigh cooks slowly in its own fat reduction over a low heat. This gives the meat an incredibly tender texture and rich flavor as it reabsorbs its natural umami. Served with mashed potatoes, the dish represents how French cooking can use a simple method to create gourmet meals.

Light and Sweet Chocolate Goodness

Within the realm of French cuisine, nothing outshines the popularity of the fancy desserts. Patisseries create edible works of art that somehow taste even better than they look. Aside from petit fours, one of the most visually striking and ultra-delicious French desserts is the simple souffle. A souffle takes dedication and impeccable timing to get it right, but the reward is worth the extra effort. A base creme patisserie carries the souffle's main flavor. Whipped, stiff egg whites give the dessert its fluffy, cloud-like texture. Traditional souffle falls within minutes of baking, so try ordering a chocolate souffle with a fudge sauce center. The shape will hold and the flavor gets an extra decadent boost.

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