Fastfood delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best fastfood near you in Fukuoka

Fast food delivery in Fukuoka encompasses food from cuisines around the world. South Asian, American, and even homegrown dishes make quick, delicious meals. The best fast food in Fukuoka takes advantage of the city's culinary talents and transforms existing dishes into a new local specialty.

Hot Dogs in the Burger City

Sandwiches make for some of the easiest handheld fast foods. While wraps and burritos occasionally fall into the sandwich category, hot dogs fall into a category of their own. In Fukuoka, they coexist with burgers to represent American backyard barbecue. But the two foods become one in the Fukuoka Special Mix Hot Dog. The smoked hot dog sits side-by-side with two mini grilled burger patties. The meat sits atop a bed of crunchy cabbage and grilled onions, all cradled within a toasted, french bread-style bun. A generous drizzle of homemade barbecue sauce finished the dish. It's the perfect way to sample two American classics at once.

Wintertime Special Fast Food Delivery in Fukuoka

Fukuoka's hot springs provide one answer to the freezing cold winter months, but Oden warms you from the inside out. Oden is a type of boiled Japanese food associated with wintertime. Its simplicity and versatility made it one of the earliest stall fast foods in the country. Today, specialty restaurants and even convenience stores sell Oden in the winter. Oden in Fukuoka uses a light soy sauce and kombu-based broth similar to western Japan, except with a mild chicken stock. Since Oden uses a huge variety of ingredients, why not ask for a chef's recommendation? That way you can get the freshest ingredients and some unique Fukuoka specialties.

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