Desserts delivery in Sapporo

Craving for desserts in Sapporo? Discover the sweetest restaurants!

The options for desserts delivery in Sapporo are endless. Dairy-based specialties dominate the landscape on the surface, but other ingredients, like chocolate, get their time to shine. Of course, when in Sapporo, taking advantage of the abundance of Hokkaido milk is a must. But each cuisine in Sapporo has its own spin on dessert to take advantage of. But, for now, here are the basics for enjoying desserts in Sapporo.

Hokkaido Milk Specialties

Everyone in Japan knows the special quality of Hokkaido milk. The Hokkaido milk soft serve ice cream just tastes different. It's fresh, light, and delicious. But this fresh milk doesn't just stand out in frozen treats. Sapporo has its own signature cake, but nearby Furano has the Furano yukidoke cheesecake. Grape or blueberry jam sits on a crunchy base, topped with rich cream cheese. Fluffy peaks of whipped cream on top mimic the image of melting snow in Hokkaido. Thankfully, it's available outside of Furano, including Sapporo.

Chocolate, Coffee, and Desserts Delivery in Sapporo

For many people, dessert means chocolate. Sapporo houses local chocolate factories and chocolatiers supplying chefs with the key ingredient to many desserts. Chocolate gateau combines chocolate sponge cake with layers of creamy chocolate frosting for a rich cocoa experience. The sweetness overload pairs wonderfully with coffee, which explains the large number of bakery-cafes in Sapporo. Lattes, cafe au lait, even non-coffee beverages can be half the fun of eating dessert. Sometimes swapping dinner for a chocolate croissant and mug of creamy milk tea is the perfect solution to a rough week. After all, dessert is about treating yourself, why not go all out?

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