Desserts delivery in Kobe

Treat yourself with a dessert in Kobe

Get ready for a world-class experience when ordering desserts delivery in Kobe. While the city's international claim to fame is beef, Kobe is also the sweets capital of Japan. Desserts in Kobe bring enough tourists to the city that the tourism office printed an official Kobe sweets walking guide. These famous desserts range from high-class, gold medal champions to the sweetest souvenir you can buy. Here's a brief overview of Kobe's dessert paradise.

Fancy French Desserts Delivery in Kobe

Impressively, most of Kobe's top bakers trained in France. Rival patisseries crank out uniform, art gallery-worthy French pastries with astounding proficiency. It may seem like a waste to eat them until you take a bite. One chef's specialty, the Valancia, takes inspiration from their studies at the Jean Millet pastry shop in Paris. Almond-embedded dough surrounds a fluffy orange mousse. Silky smooth white meringue covers the pastry forming a minimalist silhouette. The marshmallowy meringue and rich almond flavor contrast the sharp citrus. For chocolate-lovers, L'Hymne is a gateau made with milk chocolate mousse, pear compote, and a layer of creme brulee.

Sweet Snacks

In Japan, crepes lie somewhere between a decadent dessert and handheld fast food. Rolled up in a convenient cone, crepes hold artistic arrangements of fruits, sauces, and whipped cream. Less photogenic but equally as delicious is the Creme Brulee Crepe. The flaky, buttery crepe complements the velvety smooth custard. The top is quickly seared to create the caramelized crust of creme brulee while retaining the custard's light flavor. However, Kobe's smoothest dessert is the famous Kobe Pudding. Impossibly soft and creamy, Kobe Pudding stands out with a hint of citrus liquor. The mature flavor adds subtle sweetness, turning a common snack into a dining experience.

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