Desserts delivery in Hiroshima

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For sweets that have a bit of tang and zest, look no further than desserts delivery in Hiroshima. One of the things that Hiroshima is particularly famous for is delicious citrus fruits. You can enjoy the taste of zesty lime and lemon, or the sweet tanginess of fresh oranges. The fresh lemons in Hiroshima are used in order to create some of the best Lemon Gelato that you will ever taste, a simple yet refined taste suitable for any palate. Oranges are also a delicious part of Hassaku Daifuku, which is a traditional Japanese treat made from sticky rice cakes and tangerine.

Souvenir Sweets for Desserts Delivery in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is home to many different souvenir sweets that are great for travelers to take home to their families. Whether you’re traveling to Hiroshima or living here, these desserts in Hiroshima are still irresistible! Try the Cream Bread, a naturally flavored sweet bread filled with delicious custard or fresh cream. The ingredients of this dish are chosen with precision, using no artificial flavors or essences. You can utilize the trademark citrus taste of Hiroshima with some souvenir sweets too, with the lemon-flavored Momiji Manju. This special flavor puts a twist on these already delectable cakes.

Delicious Specialty Pudding

Pudding, or “purin” as it’s called in Japanese, is a great sweet treat that is available by delivery. The Japanese version of pudding is different from what is commonly seen throughout the Western world, being more similar to flan or crème caramel. The basic caramel flavor is a must-try, but there are other flavors if that isn’t your favorite. Try the Matcha Pudding, with a taste similar to matcha ice cream, or the sweetened Black Sesame Soy Milk Pudding. If you’re looking for a nice sweet drink, check out the beverage options. If you need an entrée to go with your dessert, you should also try some Japanese food for many more tasty options.

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