Chinese food delivery in Kobe today!

Order from the tastiest Chinese restaurants of Kobe

Ordering Chinese food delivery in Kobe is a must. Kobe hosts one of the largest Chinatowns in Japan, Nankinmachi. The colorful shops and food stalls lining the main streets offer, arguably, the best Chinese food in Kansai. Like Thai food, Chinese food's popularity led to rapid localization of famous dishes in Japan. However, Kobe's Chinese restaurants still make authentic recipes for anyone to enjoy.

Savory Hand-Held Snacks

You can't mention Chinese food in Kobe without mentioning steamed buns. Around Asia, steamed buns serve as a traditional, tasty fast food. Generally referred to as Nikuman, or meat bun, the most famous variety is filled with pork, called Butaman. Shops in Nankinmachi sell the tastiest Butaman in Kobe. Minced, seasoned pork fills a dense, pillowy bun for a quick, super filling, and super delicious meal. The snack's popularity led to shops inventing creative variations to stand out from the competition. Some of these snacks take the name literally. Some Butaman takes the shape of the namesake pig. An alternative, Pandaman, still contains pork but resembles a panda cub for Instagram-worthy cuteness.

Enjoy Dim Sum at Home with Chinese Food Delivery in Kobe

Going out for dim sum is a fun way to enjoy a variety of Chinese dishes with friends. But after enjoying a large number of sides, you may crave dim sum staples without wanting to go out and participate in the whole meal. Luckily, Chinese restaurants in Kobe offer dim sum dishes for delivery. Xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, may sound difficult to transport. However, the thick, chewy base creates a sturdy bottom for the bun. The paper-thin dough at the top retains its elasticity to form a resilient container for the savory broth. Filled with pork, green onion, and mushrooms, soup dumplings are as delicious as they are fun to eat.

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