Chinese delivery in Fukuoka

Discover the best Chinese restaurants in Fukuoka

Explore the breadth of Chinese food delivery in Fukuoka. Given its location, Fukuoka incorporates tons of Southern Chinese cuisine, techniques, and dishes in its culinary landscape. Chinese food in Fukuoka also offers new ways to experience the local fish and produce outside of Japanese cuisine. Before placing your order, check out these recommendations for Fukuoka's unique Chinese food.

Taste of the Southern Seas

As the vibrant Fukuoka sushi scene demonstrates, the neighboring seas house an abundance of fresh seafood. Among Chinese cuisines, Cantonese-style meals showcase the similar seafood bounty found in China's southern seas. For a daring taste of Cantonese cooking, try a Marinated Jellyfish Salad. A cool and refreshing dish, jellyfish salad uses simple seasonings to emphasize the delicate, fresh flavor. Drying and blanching the jellyfish makes it firm and purifies the taste. Astringent vinegar and nutty sesame oil add depth to the light soy sauce marinade. This salad makes a refreshing side or appetizer in a summer seafood feast.

Shanghai-style Chinese Food Delivery in Fukuoka

While most Chinese restaurants serve Sichuan-style cuisine, Fukuoka offers a taste of the Shanghai-style. Like Korean cuisine, Shanghai Chinese food features pork belly in the most indulgent dishes. Tonight, why not center a meal around Hong Shao Rou. The delicious Hong Shao Rou, or red-cooked pork belly, may seem simple, but it makes the perfect Shanghai main dish. Cubed, fatty pork belly simmers in a sweet sauce, soaking in the melting fat for more flavor. Rich Shaoxing wine gives the dish the signature red color. Pair it with hearty green vegetables for an ultra-filling feast.

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