Cakes delivery in Sapporo

Enjoy the best cakes in Sapporo from the selected restaurants

Reasons to order cakes delivery in Sapporo vary. Maybe it's a coworker's birthday and you feel like doing something special. Perhaps you forgot to plan in advance for a special occasion and you need a quick-fix. You may even pick up a cake before heading to a picnic with friends. Cakes don't require celebration, but they always bring joy. These are some cakes unique to Sapporo and the Hokkaido prefecture.

Souvenir Specialty: Cakes Delivery in Sapporo

Most cities in Japan boast traditional sweets as their signature dessert. However, given Hokkaido's rich history, Sapporo's special cake takes inspiration from western cuisine. At least the name, Sapporo Times Square, references a western landmark. The cake itself is a bite-sized sponge filled with a creamy custard. Other variations include custard with red bean and green tea flavor. Luckily, Sapporo Times Square comes with multiple cakes in a cute square box. It's a cake to enjoy while in Sapporo and stockpile for gifts and souvenirs.

Cheese, Milk, and Cream: Delicious Cake Essentials

Like many cuisines in Sapporo, the local ingredients make desserts something special. For French food, this means mille-feuille with rich cream and sweet, juicy strawberries. In Sapporo, this means the cheese omelet and castella cake. A cheese omelet in this case is a fluffy, souffle-like cake. The light and airy texture spread throughout your mouth with each bite. It comes in different flavors, like chocolate and maple. Castella cake is a light, yet close textured cake inspired by Portuguese pão de castella. The Sapporo variety uses milk and honey, giving the sponge a bouncier texture and a light sweetness. Hokkaido milk just makes cakes in Sapporo into a richer, fluffier treat.

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