Cakes delivery in Fukuoka

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Cakes delivery in Fukuoka can take many forms. Artistic chefs create works of art with icing and fruit to make Instagram-worthy cakes. But Fukuoka is a unique city, and when trying the cakes in Fukuoka, thinking outside the box yields incredible results. Here are some recommendations for unconventional, yet super delicious cakes.

A Mature Sweetness

In some ways, a donut is just a deep-fried, fast food version of cake. But sometimes it's fun to dress up something simple and make it into a fancy treat. The gourmet donuts in Fukuoka resemble cake a bit more than their traditional counterpart. For a unique, Japanese-inspired treat, try a Black Sesame and Kinako donut. Kinako is a roasted soybean flour found on traditional Japanese sweets, like dango. Its subtle nutty flavor offsets the mild bitterness of the black sesame seeds. Honey sweetens the batter, giving the donut a sophisticated flavor. Artistry extends from flavor to the ingredients, including rice flour and oil.

Signature Souvenir Cakes Delivery in Fukuoka

Most big cities in Japan have a signature dessert to bring home as a souvenir. In Fukuoka, the classic dessert takes the shape of an adorable baby bird or hiyoko. The Hiyoko cake is traditionally made out of a thin, baby chick-shaped wheat crust filled with sweet yellow bean manju. Given the cake's national-level popularity, there are tons of variations. Seasonal varieties, like spring's cherry blossom flavor, come out in limited supplies with huge demand. Some hiyoko cakes use different traditional Japanese flavors, like red bean or matcha. For the cake traditionalists, sponge or chiffon cake versions capture the fluffy texture of a chick.

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