Burger delivery in Kobe

Order your burger now in Kobe

It's time to consider burger delivery in Kobe. The city, known for its beef, offers tons of options to experience the local Wagyu. For a fancy night, French restaurants serve steak au poivre, American restaurants fashion a tasty sandwich. However, is there a better classic sandwich to enjoy juicy, tender beef than a burger? Few would say yes. But a burger in Kobe has more to offer than just good meat. Here are some tips to maximize your burger eating experience.

Eat Famous Beef with Burger Delivery in Kobe

Of course, there are burgers made with Kobe beef. It's one of Kobe's most famous foods, and for good reason. The superb marbling produces a richer beef flavor and the characteristic melt-in-your-mouth texture. There is a difference between Kobe beef and Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef ranks at a slightly higher grade, but both are some of the best meat in the world. Some burger joints in Kobe allow you to experience both. A 100% Kobe beef patty, juicy and cooked to order, topped with slices of seared Wagyu steak. It's a meat-lovers dream and a massive, filling sandwich.

It's the Extras That Count

Some believe a perfect burger relies purely on the quality of the patty. Others think the sandwich should be judged as a whole. The burgers in Kobe cater to both camps. While the quality of any beef patty is a given, the extra toppings set some burgers ahead of the rest. In addition to more meat, diners can choose from eggs, avocado, and onions among many others. But, these onions aren't simply garden variety red or yellow onions, they're Awaji onions. A nearby island, Awaji's soil contains the perfect nutrients to grow onions. These onions lack the sharp, astringent taste of traditional onions, instead, they have a sweet flavor. They're a perfect companion to a Kobe beef patty or a pork burger.

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