Beverages delivery in Osaka

Enjoy the best drinks in Osaka

Beverage delivery in Osaka can enhance a meal or act as one on its own. Osaka’s massive and diverse culinary scene puts restaurants in a heated competition to stand out. In addition to killer menus, many places try to shake things up with a great drink menu. Here are some tips to find the best beverages in Osaka.

Healthy Beverage Delivery in Osaka

Sometimes a beverage can be the whole meal. In the health food circle, juices and smoothies reign supreme as tasty, filling meal replacements. Osaka caters to dieters and trendy drink lovers alike with a wide selection of cafes specializing in fancy drinks. A newly popular trend, cold-pressed juices make for a tasty, thirst-quenching way to get the most nutritional value out of fruits and vegetables. Through pressing, the juice retains more minerals and fiber than most grocery alternatives. Smoothies add more ingredients, like basil seeds and oats, to up the nutritional content game. As an added bonus, many cafes present their smoothies like a work of art so you get a meal and cute photo subject in one.

Celebratory Beverages

No matter what kind of cuisine you've chosen in Osaka, there's a perfect celebratory beverage to pair it with. When trying some of the city's impressive Mexican cuisine, try ordering a kiwi margarita. Margaritas are an obvious choice when eating cantina food. But the kiwi flavoring offers an unexpectedly cool and sweet flavor to offset any heat from the spicy chilies. If trying some of Osaka's famous Korean food, drink some makgeolli to bring the meal to another level. Sometimes listed under the Japanese name "makkori", the light, astringent drink has a low alcohol content and light flavor. It's the perfect drink to share with friends or enjoy freely with delicious food.

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