Beverages delivery in Fukuoka

Order the tastiest beverages and drinks near you in Fukuoka

Beverages delivery in Fukuoka instantly connects you to a vibrant cafe scene. With everything from fruity smoothies in western-inspired shops to addictive Taiwanese-style bubble tea, the options are limitless. The trendiest cafes offer popular selections and artistic variations of local traditions. Here are some representative beverages in Fukuoka that capture the city's spirit.

Fukuoka: Artisan Coffee Capital

In recent years, Fukuoka made a name for itself as the coffee capital of southern Japan. Its rich coffee history goes back one hundred years, and the locals take coffee seriously. Many old-school cafes employ traditional methods refined back in the day. Purists can enjoy their coffee made siphon-style. The nineteenth-century brewing method uses water vapor and vacuum pressure to produce a wonderfully aromatic cup of coffee. Like French press coffee, the grounds make constant contact with the water, bringing out the vibrant notes of the beans. For espresso drink fans, Fukuoka's formally trained baristas can whip up a cappuccino with a perfect microfoam every time.

Sweet and Simple Beverages Delivery in Fukuoka

Good specialty drinks pair well with desserts. The best specialty drinks can be dessert on their own. A traditional post-meal beverage received a modern cafe upgrade that shows off some of Kyushu's local products: hojicha. Hojicha is a type of tea made by roasting green tea leaves and stems rather than steaming them. This removes the bitterness associated with sencha and instead produces a nutty, caramel-like flavor. A Hojicha Latte takes the toasty tea and adds fresh milk and ice. It's a smooth, highly drinkable beverage. Plus, the simplicity is as refreshing as the drink itself.

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