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Eating out and ordering food delivery in Yokohama can be overwhelming. It may be less well-known than nearby Tokyo, but Yokohama is a veritable food-lover’s paradise. In the early 20th century, Yokohama was the cosmopolitan hub of Japan. As a result, the city offers a huge array of delicious restaurants and cafes serving food from all over the world. Like fellow port city Kobe, Yokohama has entire districts devoted to a particular cultural influence.

Food Delivery in Yokohama: A Culinary World Tour at your Door

At the heart of Yokohama lies Japan’s largest Chinatown--and one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. It’s one of the best places to experience Chinese culture in Japan and the food is authentic, savory, and just plain amazing. In fact, Chinese food is one of Yokohama’s biggest attractions for foodies visiting Japan. The western influence on the city can be found in Motomachi, whether it’s the architecture, fashion, or numerous cafes. Some streets look like an idyllic time capsule of Europe in the 1970s. But whether it’s a fancy French bistro or an old-world style Czech bakery, the western food in Yokohama encompasses all the nuances of European cuisine.

Diverse, Delicious, and a Hometown Hero

Yokohama may be known for its international history, but some of the cuisine cultures got reclaimed as Japanese classics. Beef Hot Pot (Gyunabe) originated as a way to integrate foreign meat dishes for a Japanese palate. The Napolitan came out as an improvisation to answer a western desire for spaghetti and became a distinctly Japanese dish. German influence made Yokohama the beer city of Japan. Whether it’s something international or a fusion delicacy, foodpanda Yokohama has the answer for food delivery in Yokohama. You just need to provide the Kirin beer on your own.