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Popular restaurants

If you’re heading to this wonderful Japanese city to the north, food delivery in Sendai should be on your list of things to try. Sendai is the home of some of the most delicious gourmet offerings in all of Japan. When visiting here you might find yourself surrounded by tantalizing aromas of dishes that are absolutely mouthwatering. The best part about it is you don’t have to venture out to a restaurant in order to try all of these great dishes!

Specialty Japanese Food Flavors

One of the dishes that serve as a culinary representative of Sendai is the coveted Grilled Beef Tongue. Similar to Kobe, Sendai’s beef options are delectable. The beef tongue is thickly sliced and grilled to perfection, yielding great flavors that are both rich and soft. Depending on which restaurant you order it from, the grilled beef tongue can be flavored with salt, soy sauce, or even miso flavor! Another specialty, the Harakomeshi is an absolute must-try in Sendai. It’s made from seasonal salmon caught in Miyagi prefecture during the fall and winter months. The fatty belly meat of the salmon is cooked and served over a bowl of steamed rice with delicious fresh salmon roe.

Delicious Snacks for Food Delivery in Sendai

You’re not restricted to only main meals for all of your Sendai delivery needs. There are plentiful options for beverages, desserts, and snacks in Sendai to add to your meal or enjoy on their own. No matter how small of a snack you’re craving, you can get it with foodpanda Sendai. Like Nagoya, Sendai has many sweet snacks to enjoy. Zunda mochi is a regional sweet treat, consisting of mochi paste with crushed boiled edamame and a special type of sugar called Zunda. It has a light green color thanks to the edamame and boasts a wonderfully sweet taste and soft, chewy texture. The uses of zunda mochi are expansive, with the zunda paste even being mixed with fresh cream in order to create a delicious sweet beverage.