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When ordering food delivery in Sapporo it may be tempting just to order pub food to go with the city’s famous beer. While that’s a delicious pairing, Sapporo has even more unique, tasty dishes to offer. The Great Wild North of Japan produces most of the country’s wheat and dairy, revolutionized ramen, and offers an authentic taste of Ainu cuisine that’s only just starting to hit the trendy streets of Tokyo.

Sapporo’s Best, Sapporo’s Classics

You can’t talk about Sapporo without mentioning ramen. Like the okonomiyaki of Hiroshima, Hokkaido cooks innovative classic Japanese comfort food to fit the region. Initially out of a desire to make ramen more soothing in cold weather, chefs of the past added a sweet, hearty balance of miso to traditional pork broth. Now it’s one of the most popular ramen variations in Japan. There are even more local variations across the prefecture, all of which find representation in Sapporo’s restaurants. Regional and national favorites don’t just stop at ramen. Sapporo offers a variety of Japanese food for all occasions, whether it’s a lunchtime bento or izakaya-style fried chicken (karaage) to accompany a refreshing pint of beer.

Hitting the Sweet Spot with Food Delivery in Sapporo

There’s more than just hearty, savory comfort food to fight the cold winters in Sapporo. Mild summers and wide fields mean massive agriculture, and what’s a better use for farming than making amazing dessert. Hokkaido milk is renowned as the best in Japan and it’s used in the lightest, sweetest ice cream. If it’s too cold for ice cream, there are also amazing pastries and decadent cakes you’d imagine finding in Europe rather than Japan. Indulging in sweets is probably one of the best ways to get food delivery in Sapporo. By using foodpanda Sapporo, impulse cravings for dessert will make it to the door before the ice cream melts.