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Food delivery in Saitama brings together the best elements the city has to offer. The close proximity to Tokyo brings in cosmopolitan energy and a larger international restaurant scene. However, local pride still shapes many of Saitama's dining options. Famous prefectural cuisines support the relatively new city's growing tourism industry. But at its heart, Saitama is a residential city; it's a home. And what better place is there to relax and pamper yourself with takeout than the comfort of home?

Local Specialties: Food Delivery in Saitama

As a combination of smaller cities, Saitama’s local cuisine combines different specialties. One component city, Urawa, famously produces unagi eel in quantities rivaling the unagi capital, Nagoya. Fresh eel in Saitama usually comes in one of two forms. In kabayaki style, the eel is soaked in a salty-sweet sauce before grilling, while in shirayaki style unseasoned eel grills directly over an open flame. Like other cities across Japan, Saitama has a signature noodle dish: udon. Each city and town in the prefecture has its own unique spin on udon, and Saitama city makes a classic udon familiar to Japanese food fans.

Prefectural Pride

Because Saitama is a newer city, it relies on its namesake prefecture for historically significant goods. Nearby Kawagoe makes wheat bran baked goods and amezaiku, candy craft art. The historical methods Kawagoe candy makers use plus the city's traditional appearance earned it the nickname "little Edo." While not one of the large tea growing areas in Japan, the southeast corner of Saitama produces a unique green tea: Sayama tea. Known for its thick leaves, Sayama tea has a sweet, smokey flavor and less bitterness than most green teas. Restaurants and shops in Saitama benefit from this rich culture, and foodpanda Saitama brings it right to your door.