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You can't go wrong with food delivery in Osaka. As the culinary capital of Japan, Osaka produces some of the best food in the country. Even the irresistible local street food reflects just how much the people of Kansai love to eat. As a global travel destination, world-class chefs serve award-winning dishes from all cuisines, each representing the most authentic flavors from each culture. For anyone who likes to eat, Osaka truly is food heaven.

World Famous Street Food

Osaka's rich street food culture rivals the famous stalls of Fukuoka. The delicious, convenient Osaka street food now represents Japanese cuisine in Kansai around the world. Takoyaki's distinct appearance attracts attention and its savory flavor maintains it. The hot batter in the dumpling envelops the rich octopus, complemented by the sauce and fish flakes. Unlike the layered Hiroshima style, Osaka's famous okonomiyaki uses a thoroughly mixed batter to create a large omelet-like pancake. Kushikatsu, fried food on small skewers, has no regional rival. The crispy, light breading lets the ingredients shine while the communal dipping sauce employs its own cultural etiquette.

International Food Delivery in Osaka

As Japan's third-largest city, Osaka attracts international tourists and houses a diverse population. So naturally, Osaka's love of food includes dishes from all cultures. Osaka's Tsuruhashi neighborhood is the largest Koreatown in Japan, meaning everything from bibimbap to tteokbokki is delicious and authentic. Michelin star French restaurants coexist with bistros serving up brasserie classics. The ever-popular Northern Indian food always comes with fluffy naan to scoop the gravy-style curries. No matter the craving, it will always arrive fresh and delicious with foodpanda Osaka.