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Food delivery in Nagoya is the best way to eat the city’s famous and outrageous local dishes. Nagoya brings recognition to the central, mountainous countryside by producing some of the heartiest comfort food in the country. The lavish, rich flavors even outdo the famously cold weather busting cuisine of Sapporo. Food is more than just that in Nagoya, it’s a part of the culture. And getting food delivery in Nagoya is like inviting the city into your home.

Not So Boring: Nagoya’s Bold Flavors

Nagoya is Japan’s number one source for unagi or freshwater eel. Any fan of Japanese food knows that eel is in some of the most exquisite dishes and the locals in Nagoya kick that up a notch. Hitsumabushi is a meal that makes eating eel into a multi-step experience. Rich red miso enhances the flavor of traditional pork cutlet (tonkatsu) and pairs with thick hoto noodles in a super filling hot pot. Nagoya takes noodle dishes another step further with kishimen, udon with a flat smooth noodle that pairs with a seafood broth. Even izakaya standards like chicken wings (tebasaki) get an extra boost with more spices and sesame seeds in its homeland.

Endless Variation with Food Delivery in Nagoya

With foodpanda Nagoya, eating like a local is as simple as picking up your phone. Next time you’re hungry, why not try ordering some tebasaki, miso katsu, or other famous Nagoya Japanese food? There’s always the delivery standby, pizza--but Nagoya takes on a different independent streak with the Italian classic. Instead of putting a Japanese spin on pizza like most of the country, Nagoya’s pizza industry is led by internationally acclaimed, Italian trained chefs. That’s just Nagoya, defying expectations.