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Every eater can find their perfect meal when ordering food delivery in Kyoto. The nearby, bustling Osaka may boast its reputation as a gastronomical paradise and Kyoto doesn't fall far behind. With its high quality, crystal clear waters, Kyoto produces some of Japan's best veggies, soba, and tofu. Additionally, the region's rich history makes for an equally rich sampling of traditional fare. Here's some friendly advice from foodpanda Kyoto to get you started on your order.

Food Delivery in Kyoto: A Vegetarian's Delight

Ordering food can prove tricky as a vegetarian in Japan. Luckily, Kyoto is home to Japan's largest selection of Shojin Ryori. Due to its connections with Buddhist traditions, Shojin Ryori uses no meat or animal products in its dishes. Kyoto's world-class tofu makes the perfect source of protein to supplement the cuisine's array of healthy vegetable side dishes. To taste the freshest tofu in a Shojin Ryori meal, try Yudofu. The simple dish maintains a light flavor by boiling tofu in water with a few strips of kelp. Served with a ponzu-style dipping sauce, it's a refreshing dish good for both body and soul.

A Breadth of Flavors: Tangy, Sweet, and Everything in Between

While Kyoto's traditional cuisine famously features nuanced flavors, the larger culinary landscape offers a tasty selection across flavor palates. As a landlocked region, preservation became an important part of Kyoto's food culture. Today, the city boasts a wide variety of specialty tsukemono, or pickled items, packed with tangy, tart flavors. Desserts have a special place in Kyoto cuisine as well. The area's famous matcha makes delicious ice cream and shaved ice in the summer. It also flavors the local confection Yatsuhashi, a must-have treat for anyone visiting Kyoto.