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Food delivery in Kobe isn’t limited to just seared Kobe beef straight to your door. Of course, ordering some finely seared Japanese Wagyu steak is always an option. But luckily for those trying to cut back on red meat--and for vegetarians--Kobe has plenty more to offer. There’s ramen, gyoza, sushi, Chinese food, and everything else you would expect from a global hub in the food basket of Kansai. You can enjoy trendy, tasty Kobe even if you don’t feel as lively as the city streets.

Kobe: More Than Beef

As a port city, Kobe has opened its doors to goods, cultures, and foods from all over the world. Much like Yokohama, Kobe has distinct districts showcasing a foreign country’s influence, and that includes a sizable Chinatown. However, those looking for something distinctly Japanese have more to choose from than just the famous beef. Kobe is a famous producer of some of the best sake in the county. Quick bites like gyoza dumplings and croquettes are delicious and easy to find. Plus there’s Akashiyaki, a soft, egg batter-based octopus dumpling that some say inspired the famous takoyaki.

But We’re Also Here for Beef with Food Delivery in Kobe

Of course, Kobe and beef still go hand in hand, but foodpanda Kobe provides access to new ways to experience it. There’s always a classic steakhouse, but also Korean barbecue and other yakiniku options. If spice and grilled meat isn’t your style, the European style Kitano district may have your answer. The selection of French restaurants in the area can deliver a fancy twist on Japanese Wagyu beef preparation. Whether you want to try the famous beef or stray from the pack, ordering food delivery in Kobe keeps your options open.