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Enjoy a variety of specialty foods with food delivery in Kawasaki. Kawasaki is tightly packed between two other large Japanese cities, Tokyo and Yokohama. Because of this, you not only have access to Kawasaki’s specialties but also Tokyo and Yokohama too! Ramen is a famous specialty of Tokyo that you can get here, and Yokohama’s many international flavors are accessible too! Part of Kawasaki is also along the Tokyo Bay, which means even greater access to the freshest ocean fish available.

Asian Cuisine for Food Delivery in Kawasaki

Yokohama may be home to Japan’s largest Chinatown, but Kawasaki also has numerous options for Asian cuisine. Fried rice is highly popular here, having been spread throughout the region by the Chinese culinary influence in Yokohama. Try different flavors of fried rice, including Fried Crab Rice, which includes your traditional fried rice flavors with some added crab for some seafood flair. You can also enjoy some Korean flavors too with Kimchi Fried Rice. This dish is primarily rice and kimchi, with some added ingredients such as diced vegetables and meats like spam.

Classic Local Japanese Specialties

You can get some really great sweets delivered through foodpanda Kawasaki. One of the many sweet specialties in Kawasaki is Kuzumochi. This sweet treat features mochi covered in a delicious brown sugar syrup known as kuromitsu. It’s then dusted with a generous amount of kinako, which is a thick, yellow powder made from soybeans. It has a sweetness to it that is rather subtle, but savory because of the kinako. This combined with the unique texture will create a meal that you most certainly won’t forget any time soon.