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Ordering food delivery in Kawaguchi is a great way to enjoy all of the delicious gourmet spots the city has to offer without having to leave your house! No matter what you’re looking for, foodpanda is here to help you find it!

Wonderful Bento Boxes Available Through Food Delivery in Kawaguchi

Although it may not be as populated as other cities like Tokyo, Kawaguchi is the second-largest city in Saitama prefecture and relies heavily on its industrial areas. This means that many busy workers often opt to pick up quick and easy bento boxes to and from work rather than cooking themselves. As such, many restaurants offer a variety of different bento boxes from varying cuisines. While some offer bento boxes simply made with classic Japanese dishes like tempura, grilled meat, and fried chicken, other cuisines like Korean and Chinese get plenty of representation as well. To make things even better, you can get them all through foodpanda Kawaguchi!

Must-Try Local Kawaguchi Specialties

Whether you are a local Kawaguchi resident or a tourist seeing all the city has to offer, you have to try some of the local specialties at some point! Katemeshi is a dish that, while not unique to Kawaguchi, has become somewhat of a specialty of Saitama prefecture. The dish itself has quite a long history and was created out of necessity in the Meiji period when rice was harder to come by for poorer communities. It is made by mixing rice with whatever is regionally and seasonally available. Common local ingredients include other grains, tofu, and root vegetables, resulting in a surprisingly healthy and nutritious dish. In Kawaguchi, katemeshi is often served with imo no shiru, miso soup seasoned with sesame oil.