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Any night is a good night for ordering food delivery in Hiroshima. Sure, the city is well-known for unique street food, but who hasn’t wanted to eat some of those comforting faves from the privacy of their own home? And let’s face it, eating the Hiroshima okonomiyaki in public runs the risk of messy embarrassment. Luckily, foodpanda Hiroshima covers all the bases, from seafood restaurants to pub snacks and even traditional desserts. All you need to do is decide.

Seafood, Street Food, Sweet Food

Hiroshima oysters are famous all over the world, not just in Japan. All over the city, you can find them deep-fried in batter, tucked inside a bento, or shucked raw with a tangy yuzu sauce. And like Nagoya, Hiroshima puts a local spin on a Japanese favorite, only this time it’s okonomiyaki. Instead of the mixed batter Osaka-style pancake, the Hiroshima variety is layered, topped with noodles, and has nearly four times the cabbage. But Hiroshima cuisine doesn’t stop at just savory options. The maple leaf rice cake, Momiji Manju, is an autumnal classic. The dessert is so popular it has inspired spinoffs year round and it’s a favorite souvenir for anyone visiting the city.

Food Delivery in Hiroshima Accommodates Your Taste

With foodpanda Hiroshima, even street food like the ultra messy yet unbelievably delicious okonomiyaki can make it safely to your kitchen table. Vegetarians can find solace in the city with the large selection of plant-based dining from trendy cafes to a vegan spin on okonomiyaki. Users with a sweet tooth can enjoy European style baked goods and cakes if manju isn’t their thing. It just takes a glance at the app to see all the Hiroshima classics or friendly accommodations. You can even get shucked oysters to go.