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Ordering food delivery in Himeji is a fantastic way to enjoy the wonderful food that the city has to offer. Although many know Himeji for its war-filled history and scenic castles, one might be surprised to find that Himeji has its own unique food specialties as well!

Trying a Unique Twist on Oden with Food Delivery in Himeji

Oden is a rather hearty, yet healthy Japanese dish that is made by simmering various ingredients like daikon radish, konnyaku, eggs, and chikuwa fish cake in seasoned dashi broth. It’s generally more popular in the winter due to being rather effective at warming one up on cold nights, but some shops offer it year-round. This particular dish is enjoyed around the country, but oden shops in Himeji have added their own twist to it throughout the years. The broth in Himeji oden is often seasoned with ginger, making it even better at warming one up in the winter. With foodpanda Himeji, this freshly prepared oden can be delivered to your door any time!

Himeji’s Enticing Eel Dishes

Like Sakai on the other side of Awaji island, Himeji is also known for their conger eel. Although it’s generally considered to be a luxurious delicacy in other parts of Japan, Himeji offers some of the freshest and highest quality conger eel for a reasonable price. Whether you’re in the mood for conger eel sushi or a conger eel rice bowl topped with sweet and salty eel sauce, you can rest assured that there are plenty of different ways that you can enjoy this tender, juicy, and delicious specialty.