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If you are a tourist traveling around Japan or simply a commuter coming back from a long day of work in Tokyo, perhaps you might consider ordering some food delivery in Funabashi for your next meal. With so many commuters, the local takeout scene is rather strong, resulting in plenty of options for you to choose from.

Worcestershire Sauce Ramen: Unusual Delicacy Through Food Delivery in Funabashi

Although many might find this peculiar take on the popular Japanese classic fairly strange, Worcestershire sauce ramen (often simply called “sauce ramen”) is a dish that has roots that can only be found in Funabashi. In fact, its origin has been traced to a Chinese restaurant called Hanacho. Although the original restaurant has since gone out of business, sauce ramen has found a resurgence in popularity among locals in recent years. Since ramen shops are also known for staying open late, it’s the perfect dish for late-night commuters and tourists enjoying the nightlife of Funabashi.

Funabashi: A Sea Bass Haven

While many cities across Japan have their own fisheries that specialize in catching certain kinds of seafood, Funabashi is known for catching Japanese sea bass more than anything. As such, you’re bound to find plenty of dishes that utilized this delicious fish. Some dishes include things like luxurious sushi, simple grilled sea bass bento lunch boxes, fresh sea bass seafood rice bowls, and much more. With so many different options through foodpanda Funabashi, connoisseurs of Japanese sea bass can enjoy a wide range of dishes made with this often overlooked fish.