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Getting food delivery in Fukuoka may seem a bit silly at first. With one of the largest selections of food stalls in Japan and some of the best izakaya grub out there, staying in feels like a waste. But if you think about it, ordering Fukuoka classic cuisine--that gut-busting, super savory, undo-your-belt-afterward cuisine--feels right in the comfort of home. After eating a heavenly meal from Kyushu’s food capital, a quick nap serves as the perfect dessert.

Fukuoka Food Heaven

The local delicacies of Fukuoka feel like the food in Nagoya: it’s supposed to fill you up. There’s the famous Hakata ramen made with pork fat in the broth that still floats on the top of the dish when served. Rumor has it the offal hot pot (motsunabe) packed with cow and pig offal will ready anyone for even the harshest winter. Even the pub food gets special treatment. Goma saba is nearly twice as thick as regular mackerel sashimi and tossed in an umami-packed sauce. But there’s more to Fukuoka than just the savory. The nearby farmland produces extremely high-quality strawberries, strawberries so delicious they’re almost completely red inside. But in Fukuoka, all the ingredients keep in line with that quality standard.

Treat Yourself to International Food Delivery in Fukuoka

While the local flavor is certainly delicious, Fukuoka also has delicious restaurants serving food from all over the world. Fukuoka has comfort food from Southeast Asia, like Ayu Werdhi, Thai classic curry. Though not quite considered foreign food anymore, locals and ex-pats alike love the burgers in the city. Some joints put a Japanese spin on the toppings, but others stick to American classics like real bacon. No matter where your desired comfort classic comes from, foodpanda Fukuoka has you covered. After all, food delivery in Fukuoka just makes (the most comfortable) sense.