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Whether you’re a visiting tourist or a long-time resident, ordering food delivery in Chiba couldn’t be any easier! While it may not be as populated or varied as its neighbor Kawasaki, there are still plenty of delicious and irresistible options for you to choose from.

Chiba’s Superb Specialty

If you were to ask someone what Chiba’s most famous dish was, many would likely answer with a unique dish called “Namerou”. This dish takes advantage of all of the fresh seafood that comes through the city and is made by chopping up various kinds of raw fish, aromatics, and seasonings to create a truly delectable meal. While there is no specific recipe set in stone, most versions of Namerou use some combination of mackerel, horse mackerel, and sardines. This dish is also seasoned with miso, ginger, and green onions to add some extra flavor while also mellowing out the harsher flavors and smells of the fish. If you’re already in the area, you simply must give this dish a try!

Other Irresistible Options for Food Delivery in Chiba

While many people may love Chiba for its seafood, others might find some of the other things Chiba has to offer a bit more appealing. To make things even better, with foodpanda Chiba, it’s all just a few clicks away! Katsuura Tantanmen is an example of Chinese food that originated in Chiba and has an extra spicy kick when compared to traditional tantanmen. On the other hand, another important export of Chiba is the peanut, which undoubtedly makes several Thai dishes like Pad Thai even more delicious. Overall, there is something here for everyone to enjoy, so there’s no need to hesitate to order your next meal!